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Welcome travelors !
Big news! See first video for Fuedal Isles in The Studio. Keep moving your create ideas forward :)

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"Creativity raises my day,

I hope you find a little here that helps with yours"

Phil J Bennett

Scribbler and artist.

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"Those that wander by, stop and say Hi, passing into another year, more time for drinking beer. An update to say i've not gone away just doing stuff day to day.  Hope the '24 achieves your creative goals !

The Creative Stretch..

Sometimes I flesh out an idea, say a big battle, I start sketching and think Blimey this is gonna be tough! But stay true, keep working towards the goal of the idea, don't settle for less. You know I have surprised my self many times how its all worked out :)

See what I'm up to on Instagram. There I  use the same grid layout (as used on the gallery page slide show) of images on Instagram to show how my creations have evolved.

(Links under my mug shot above)



A word from me about my current creativity

"Creativity hasn't always been Art and writing for me.

As a one time Larper I have designed and made costumes and models.

For around the last two years my current Creative outlet is writing Tales from NewHolme and illustrating scenes and characters from that." 

"My creativity expresses its self in many forms.

There is the visual, the idea of painting creations of my mind with words. The sketch scribblings help bring this world to life. One encourages the other. I was once asked 

'Which one would I choose, the Art or the Writing?'

The only answer I  could give

"They are both part of the one, as they encourage my efforts and help to keep my ideas evolving."



Updates and Info.. 2024

Welcome to 2024!
With the UK Games Expo coming up i'm proud to share an example video of one of my projects. 'Fuedal Isles' the battle dice board game. Play testing at the Expo June 2nd 1-4PM
Also Blog update - Keeping moving forward !
Several new frames in the gallery. Showing conception, completetion and colourization :)
NEW.. Game examples for Fuedal Isles board game in a new Gallery frame :)


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Updated Blog !
May 24

Get out and share your ideas, make it all fun and boost motivation

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Update to The Gallery
May 24

Creativity, game development, heres some progression pics for the game :)

fuedal isles low view_edited.jpg

Update to The Studio
April 24

BIG News ! Studio show cases my new board game 'Fuedal Isles' With

a short video.

Pitch box front.jpeg

Blogging along..
April 24

Keep moving your creative ideas along.


Update to The Gallery

The colouring of the worlds continues.

Several frames showing Conception (Layout) Completion (Black and white) and Colourization.


Update to The Blog

The Light illuminates the colour out from the dark


Update to Time for art

From initial character ideas to image layout and detail completion to

colour all around.

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