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A cross road with many great paths to go..

Sometimes when you can't see, or choose the way ahead.. just take it a step, a day at a time.

An example is the many, many creative mushrooms I have growing in the dark. For context see my Gallery :) I have ideas, notes and the illustrations also help work the plot and story. Where these have musings about direction come from ?

Well, and not a deep hole with water... I was reading my writing example (Prologue) and looking back on it I like the flow, but where next to go?

So I've decided to create a Poll. I'll ask you guys and girls to choose the next scene to flesh out properly with words and stuff.

Feel free to peruse my site of poems, words and pictures.

Please use the contact TAB to give details on which writing / poem or picture :)

What Shall I illuminate with my words next?

  • 0%Another prequel eg Finding of the lost lands

  • 0%A full scene write based on an image?

  • 0%Something based on poems eg yore and more

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