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Create somthing fun, there's fun in the creation

Somthings take a time to come to fruition.

On the left here is an example of an early prototype of my game Fuedal Isles.

This has been quite some years in the making.

If it's not done, keep working at it. Play test, and then some more. Very valuable to share ideas and work out what works. As is all about creating somthing fun :) And theres fun in the creating too.

On the right is the evolution of those play tests, of ideas and the fun of creating somthing fun.

A good example of the play testing, here you'll see a lot more colours. This adds clarity, what piece or dice does what.

So as usual theres a message i'd like to share. Keep working at what you do, your projects, your ideas. You may not be a great marketer or organiser. But being creative is a gift, and don't forget those who are good at marketing, publishing need creatives :)

Keep the faith.

The final thought of the day is this. A quote from a movie when a lad asks the lady on a date.

"Why would I be interested in a shop boy?" To which he replies.

"I'm not a shop boy, i'm just a boy that works in a shop"

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