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Darkness and grey.. The light of colour chases it away.

Several years ago I started experimenting with digital art to explore and luminate my writing ideas.

"Hey why dont you add colour ?" was frequently asked.

Mmmm a good idea, but I stubbornly stuck to the moody darkness of my sketches.

While I still think there's a place for the black and white (book printing for example) I decided I was in a place to splash some colour around. So intrepidly I duplicated an image on my Ipad app Linea sketch and dived in... and many many hours later ....

The imagined world was awash and vibrant with colour !

What do I think? Well in many ways the images just POP, and in others it has helped me evolve the story and art.

For example play Spot the difference Between the two demon summoning scenes :)

Have fun be creative and keep growing what you do :)

Scribbler out.

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