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From Idea to words, to scribbles to a game?

Technology keeps on pushing the ways that we can express ourselves.

Recently I was looking for ways to model characters from my writings.

But wow that looks hard! Fortunately there's 3D sites that allow you

to piece together the look you want, then you can order it or 3D print it.

Fortunately a friend of mine is darling in the printing and I borrowed

his AnyCubic PhotonM3.

The pic is The Temple Mother from 'The ancient Soul' Illustration.

Another Hobby I have is Board games, Avalon Hills Hero Quest is an Amazing example.

I was able to reinvent a mission that the 'Heroes' failed, so this little tool was Amazing there too!

This lead me to create upgraded monsters to test them with :)

But, the point ended up being I started an idea to make board game scenarios from my writing for gamers to play. Where this is an on the horizon idea I think it will become part of a unique story experience. With Illustrations after the chapter (so I don't preset my readers vision of the scene) also a companion board game :) Buzzing.

Shout out to The Eldritch Foundry :)

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