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From Sketch to final Art ! ..WIP

This is the 2nd from initial sketch Blog :)

Its amazing how it evolves. The main thing I can say here is that its helps massively to have visualised and idea before you start.

Really helps me layout then scene.

Without that direction I find I'm not happy with the end result.

It might seem obvious, but there you go.

The second thing (which I keep saying) :) Once you have that vision just

keep going. It takes 30 / 40 hours sometimes, I've lost count for this Art image. I'm sharing it part done because I can see the end result, and sometimes I could give up.. but keep scribbling. Nearly there, and then all of a sudden you'll be finished and proud :) Thirdly practice makes perfect, new techniques and you'll improve.

And finally and image can help with your writing as it adds details, you might of missed. Or the writing helps the Art.

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