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Games, Games and More Games.. Expo24

Wow what a first Expo for me so far! Day 1 & 2.

There’s a fabulous sculpture of the Expo Logo dragon at the main entrance.

I didn’t know that the wooden figures around it are called ‘Meeples’ small wooden figures that represent people :) Fancy that.

Survival Guide, get a MAP pack from the customer service desk. So much including

Three Halls ! Foods stuff, Board and card Game tournaments , Retail stores, some of them really huge, down to really cool independents.

A big play test area.

This guide has hundreds of stalls, places and events listed.

Have a mooch through the locations and descriptions of what they do and then easy to find the one your looking for. Decent and resonably affordable foods places. I spent half a day just wandering around looking at all the things to see.

Really busy everyone of the three Halls.

People moved along and around each other good humoured though. Clearly loads of different people all in the same place enjoying Geeking out ! Games !

Blimey the poopy one made me chuckle.

Some of the stands were epic in many different ways. As I will gove examples off below. The Catan Stand is huge ! They have staffers wondering around in costumes with ‘things’ on their heads. One stand had amazing 3D scenery for playing your epic mini’s games on.

Met with a couple of really cool guys who run Midlam miniatures, they started up as Indy game developers doing minatures and in the last few years have designed a game and self published. AN inspiring success story, Here they are in Dwarven helmed glory

Quite a few Cos players around, I’ve included a few

Pics. There’s Epic space Marine armour (War Hammer 40K) a few guys taking care of the super natural and a few Star Wars Troopers. Beware !

The Play test UK area is awesome, Games Designers with unpublished games can book one of the many tables (In advance) and have the public test out their ideas. Today I helped out proudly in my Playtest t shirt, helping people find a game to playtest. Over the three hours had a great time. Had chance to speak with some of the designers and have included some pics. Lady in knitted fox hat (because it was so good)

One of the many awesome looking games is the above Bumper Bots on Titan looks amazing, It’s a strategy game by Brian’s OHoore.The Finnish and quality of gameplay top notch. No two games at the Playtest were anything like the other which was amazing.

And finally for todays blog.

The Games Expo had some excellent seminars. The most impactful to me was the one By Backerlit ( Crowd funding ) Panda games manufacturing (The main Sponcer of the Expo) and Spiral Galaxay shipping and fulfilment.

Laid out some next steps and some of these apply to me on my creative game designing Journey :)

Well that’s it for today. Let’s see what tomorrow and the final day with my game play testing brings.

Oh, and I found this sign on the floor next to one of the fire exits .. just in case I needed a swift escape :)

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