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Got a game to get made? What's in the Box?

Design VS practicality, Is less more, or is More morish??

A game manufacturer advised 200 Dice per game would be too expesive to be viable. So the mission is to reduce the number of dice.

9 Months ago. It was much worse !

Almost 300 Dice !

In a play test I was asked

"How do I know which is a dice and which isnt?"

Rougly half of the dice function as 'Tools' / Resources.

SO tokens / tiles were born into Fuedal Isles. The white resource dice became Flat wooden tiles. As did all the reasure and 'Bad Things' dice.

This makes it clear that Dice are for rolling, Tiles for resources / Special Items.

OK around 200 dice left

Around 100, these are 'Troops' to be rolled in combat. NOTE: play testers loved throwing down many dice in an epic battle.

Also from testing came the Market (Which would have added another 30+ Dice, but these are now tokens / Tiles.

The Realms, on the 'Realm' Board

The plots in the middle are your villages. The game had around 100 Dice to represent these, so they could rolled when defending.

So what did I do? I spent many more hours making new things ..

Meeple type buildings.

Don't they look lovely :)

Why Meeples ? They're cool ( & cost effective if have no printing on) Now only a few dice to roll if Villages are defending.

(Quick tally on fingers) So hows the dice count looking? 96 + a few and a few more = still around 150. (invluding other game mechanics dice that need to be dice)

Another peice of advise I was given "If you are looking to have a board game manufactured use punched card 'tokens' to replace dice. (Thats 2 or 3mm thick printed card where the tokens are easily pushed out)

Question. Would it lessen the game if all the Troop dice became 'Tiles' ?

Player would only need a few 'Dice' of each to the four troop types.

Horse, Pike, Foot and the Guards to roll.

That would reduce total dice to around 50.

Maybe a plan B is to replace combat 'Troops' dice with stanard D6 keeping the Red / White / and Blue colours to match the troop type?

Answer. Well the jury is still out on this one. Time will surely tell.

SUM UP. I hope this helps anyone considering creative options in what ever project you are doing. Especially if and when you are looking it be be manufacturered.

Also seeing the first pic in this blog reminds me of how motivating it is too stick at a project and to see the progress beyond what I though I could achieve.

Have an epic day in your creativity!

Scribbler and artist.

To Imagine. To Create. To Entertain.

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