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I see you ! Bringing Your characters to Life.

Crickey what a journey since my first Imagining of a character in an Illustration.

JACK outside the Moonslight Inn finished in May 2019. Nearly two years ago already!

As I've noted before imagining a scene brought to life with my Art then adds new details to the writing.

I had a few ideas of 'How' the Temple mother looked. I was inspired by the Beautiful model Nyakim Gatwech. As an artist of modest ability I couldn't do her justice. Maybe she'd play the Temple Mother in a one day movie of my writings ;)

Yet I believe I'm progressing as The Scribbler and Artist and I'm so buzzed how the Temple mother has evolved.

This will certainly help me writing her scenes.

Once again the Art is made possible with the excellent Linea Sketch App on my IPad Pro.

Never give up, keep working your Art or what ever creativeness grabs you. Patience and perseverance.

I've added an image in the Gallery over at to look at in more detail.

All the best PhilJB Scribblerandartist.

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