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Inspirations of the senses..

I wandered while wondering. Did I see an interesting thing?

Isn't it amazing how inspiration for a drawing, for a story comes from the littlest things

that we might see?

"Its perfect isn't it Jack?" Obidya asks.

"Yes so beautiful and delicate"

Jacks face darkens in disappointment as the priest puffs at the Dandelion.

Its seeds flying away leaving nothing but a stem.

"That's as our life isn't it? We live, we fight, we die, our souls to Lunas fly" says Jack

"Look my young friend look" points Obidya to the seeds on their way.

"Jack, the wind blows through, stirs us up carries us away to places we would never have travelled."

" I like that"

With his wide grin Obidya says "Yes Jack, I find great Hope in that, and sometimes that is our guiding light in the darkest of times"

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