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Keep the faith

Writers block? Artists fizzle? What ever it's called keep chipping away!

Some advice I was given, don't force it. Make your notes, sketch idea outlines.

That so true, my collection of post it notes with words, phrases and possibly nonsense has steadily grow :)

So still plotting even though at times I think I've 'lost the plot!' Here I am still and today things are moving along (Glacier slow) it seems to me. But as I've noted on the front page Keep faith in your self even if its two steps forward and one back.

Today I'm sharing a few early WIP scribbles.

I'll end with a thought

'some journeys take longer, the going can be arduous and Grim. Every step slipping in the squelching mud, your well being over shadowed by the self doubt of thunderous clouds and deluging rain. Keep going, the sun will shine again. The triumph will be all the sweeter, as most good things don't come easy. If you are lost and don't know the way ? Keep going, you'll make your own path.' Scribblerandartist.

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