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New friends at a journeys end..

What a crazy ride my latest illustration art was. Nope was past tense not because I gave up :)

Its all finished and I’m really proud. This work in progress has popped up over the last three months in many stages of progress ! Truly it had become a labour of love.

New friends? Yes, its the first time my idea of how Cedrick the Slayer has been expressed in form. And as per my previous log post I’m really happy how the The Temple Mother looks now.

Then I decided, I needed to centre the characters (much effort I can tell you) and it wasn’t until I’d visualised the portal forming and the other magics the image for me became a WOW!

A journeys end.. far from it. An end for the image (thank goodness) some writing next.. me thinks as the scene is an important event in the story.

Keep scribbling and being creative. I hope you enjoy the final image over at the gallery

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