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Time.. and Time bringing the change.

Had some popular feedback about WIP Time-lapse showing how digital Art for my illustrations is slung together.

So over at Is my 2nd WIP :) Select the TAB 'Time For Art WIP'

Bringing the change? I've on previous Blogs talked about how an Illustration can add to a story.

After a recent Writers group Skype meeting I read the 'Ancient Soul' scene.

I had heartfelt feedback "Such a beautiful Dragon, why does everything have to die?"

True, so a new idea was formed, and maybe things turn out differently for the beautiful beast!

So the scene evolves, and the Art evolves :)

Share ideas, talk about your story with long suffering friends. As they may find it challenging to engage with the world that's so real in your head aha.

Its amazing that the changes brought about in this one scene roll onto other parts of the story and more plot links, is created :)

Catch you round, and don't lose the plot :)



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