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UK Games EXPO 24 PT2. Games, oh an some playtesting .. of games :)

Some reallycool sights and things

at the expo. Lets start this blog with more pics.

Hello NEC. Day three here I go.

Being Sunday the day was shorter, still time to playtest other peoples games.

One of the guys I talked to at the networking event on the Friday was Harrison with his game Battle of Burnwood. One of the standout games at the playtest. Was able to get a game and even snatched a win at the last moment :)

Had chance before my playtest to have a wander. Had an interesting chat with a lady from Longpack games & Toys (A manufacturer) and while they liked the look of my game were shocked at its 200 dice ! Be very expsensive to make. Already working on this.

One advice from other game designers I got was too have several protoypes to get the game out there.

Today after some cool cosplay previous days I found these darleks to run away from .. now if I could only remember where that 'Phil Hatch' was ?! Or the handy stairs from hall two.

Shout out to Steve Jackson a legend with the Fighting Fantasy books. A top thing from my teenage days.

As a fan of the Fire Fly TV series and Movie this caught my eye at one of the stands. So many stands, so much choice. A truly amazing Expo for a board game fan. Fortunatly no room for arm fulls of games on the Motorcycle. There was a booth where you could arrange delevery though. Missed that one luckily !

Below are some more stand pic examples. The floor had signs to help you find your way around. Sounds dangerous ! :)

As my Playtest neared for Fuedal Isles the show started to slow down a little. Still I did manage to get two sets of play testers to play. Below is my setup table just before. Sadly no pics as too busy rolling dice and battling :)

Well thats it for my Expo 24 blog. Met some cool people (cool has been my word for the expo) went to some useful seminars. My game effort is still evolvimg, its an exciting project. Learned many things, here's to next years expo.

Phil J Bennett


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