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Wonderful Words of water

A splish and a splosh. Inst amazing how water adds atmosphere to a scene!

Just like us fragile humans who wither without it, maybe a scene does too?

"Some love riding the rapids, the surging waters alive with power. The drenching spray exhilarating. The danger seductive, life taken on the rocks.

Some savour the bliss of a still and still and deep lake. Its waters sparkling in the sun shine.

Take the time to dive, dive deep. The cooling depths hold hidden treasures to find."

The rain, lashing down in sheets. Perhaps Wading deep and infested waters. Ears straining, every sense alert for what might lurk beneath.

Snow even watery yet frozen, drifting, prefect death. Sapping dangerous. Stark beauty etc aha.

"The waters are wild, Olek ducks his head as he is drenched by the heavy spray. Blinking to clear his vision Olek shouts his rage as his canoe bucks and twists."

The power of water, the words of water.

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