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Work work work, Playtest, then more work !

Firstly cheers Meeple Board games club in Hemel for playtesting my WIP game ! Awsome :) See below pic.

Its amazing to you share your ideas, get feedback and it's fun, phew :)

It's a journey. Over the last few months I've really had opportunities to crack on and see my fledgling game idea continue to evolve.

So much so I'm having to hold back features, tweaks, expansions that will enhance the game play.

The idea is that when these do happen they will add minimal complexity and will slot in like they were always part of the game.

Time and more playtesting will tell. 'Or only fire can tell' didnt someone say ?

So the title more work? Yup it's all good though, and this is a key.

Get out there and share your ideas, It's reaasuring and motivating.

Keep moving forward !

Equaly many brains are better than one. Mostly and most often ;)

Note to self: No more game elements tweaked and finalise instructions.

PS. If your about my game is for play test Sunday 2nd June 12PM - 3PM at the UKGames expo.

Looking forward to the expo and meeting some awsome people.

Cheers guys.

Scribbler and Artist

Phil J Bennett

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