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Making 'light' of it all.

One of my very first efforts with an IPAD and an Apple Pencil was an experiment with Light. As my Art has evolved I've come back to this early image realising that

1) Where is the light coming from ?

2) How will it enhance the Art?

For my Art this was previously a missing ingredient.

Take the below image, A main light source is the fire at the very front. A friend of mine observed, the first thing you see is the woman, Ten your gaze is drawn upwards to the Dragon and finally you notice lurking figures in the back ground.

For me the lighting glints off the rain and water dripping down the dragons face, the figures in the background with lanterns and torches are picked out in the rain. The woman in the front is sheltered and the glow of the fire lights up her face. Gives the picture balance :)

So.. my advise if your creating Art throw a little light and shadow around, Pick out highlights, as my friend said it really helps draw your gaze around the image.

Good luck all, keep being creative ! And make sure your enjoying it :)


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